A web service that integrates with Facebook messenger, Artificial Intelligence and your email service, allowing for seamless customer service integration in Facebook.


Great for brands who use Facebook as a customer service channel, RELAY means all online enquiries will be sent to and can be accessed by a single platform.


The system is designed to engage with your social media questions through Facebook Messenger, in the first instance RELAY’s AI answers the common questions for you, cutting down on repetitive engagement of your staff, then, when the questions get to hard, or require more attention, RELAY passes them and the history via email to your customer support team. Your support team then engages and resolves the issue via email. This email is passed back through RELAY which passes it back through Facebook Messenger. Allowing seamless service to your customer and for your team.

RELAY increases customer service efficiency

Allows for customers to keep conversations within Facebook Messenger

Allows for your team to track and ticket issues via your internal systems

Allows for your team to respond via email, no need to have everyone accessing your Facebook brand page

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